Friday, 21 September 2012

The Last 24 Hours...

Bistros, Boyfriends and Bargains!!!

Well it's been rather an eventful 24 hours in my life!! Last night me and my boyfriend went out for a lovely meal at Ego Restaurant in Sheffield, if you live near and haven't been it's well worth a visit.

I had a glass of pinot and a gorgeous chicken dish in a tarragon and pancetta sauce and my boyfriend had the salmon. We also shared some gorgeous parmentier potatoes and corgette fritters. :-)

Here is the link if anyone fancies checking out the menu :) There's also a few more scattered around the country.

 So after a lovely night out we woke up this morning in rather a panic to see my boyfriend's eye had swollen up which meant a trip to the NHS walk in! He won't allow me to post a photo on here so here is the nearest lookalike i could find on the internet!! 
Jokes aside he is actually quite poorly and we needed to pop into Boots to pick up his antibiotics where i had a part one of today's little shopping accident which ended up in a very bargainous haul (see below).

Oooops! :0

So as we entered boots on a weekend i promised i wouldn't shop i noticed a 75% off sign next to one the luxury make up brands and couldn't resist a few cheeky purchases! So here's what i got...

 As i explained to my boyfriend it's not about focusing on how much money i have spent but the huge savings and the fact i love what i have bought.
The brand is called CARGO and from what i can see used to be very expensive. :)

The first product i bought is the Lash Activator Triple Mascara which promises to give you longer lashes in 28 days. 

I am reluctant to believe these miracle claims but will give anything a try once and it's a pretty decent mascara so win win!

With 75% off this mascara only cost me £6.75 so a pretty decent bargain if i don't say so myself. I will let you all know whether or not in 28 days i have beautiful longer lashes. 

Second product in the haul and my fave was this amazing Cheek Plumping Blush in Rose Blush. 

The product promises to plump and smooth your skin and the shocking thing is; it actually works. This product only cost me £4.62 and i literally have no complaints - if you see this product BUY IT!

One of the nicest things about the product is when i took my make up off it actually felt like i'd moisturized my skin.

Overall i love this product that much i'm considering going to buy all the other discounted ones tomorrow.

Finally i got four eyeshadows and a palette to put them in and i cannot express how lovely they are! Yet another bargain! :)

The next accidental purchases can really be blamed on Boots again as they take 30 minutes to fill a prescription in which we made a cheeky little trip to H&M where i picked up a few little bargains :)

Orange Nail Polish 99p

Stacker Rings 99p

Stacker Rings £3.99

Earings - Free!!!

At this point this I probably should have stopped but still picked up a few more cheeky little purchases :) Unbelievably i picked up this Garnier Eye Roll-On in the 99p shop and couldn't resist it at that price. I have used this product before but felt it was overpriced for what it was but for 99p who can complain!

Final cheeky purchase that's worth blogging about (also got some face wipes and nail varnish remover is the St Moritz tan spray i picked up from the Co Op for just £1.25. I usually use the mousse but will write a review of this product when i use it.

Thanks for reading :)




  1. thanks for the comment on my blog! :) congrats on 50 followers!

  2. Nice! great finds... love the orange polish.
    I have the garnier roller... it really works :) x

    1. Thanks Alex, make sure you enter my giveaway! I'm loving this garnier roller :) xxx

  3. Lemme know if the mascara worked, then ;)

    xxx Lara

    1. Will do! Hoping i'm going to get Angelina Jolie eye lashes! x

    2. Then you gotta use falsies / extensios lol ;D

  4. I'm feeling those stacker rings! hope your bf gets better soon!

  5. The restraunt sounds lovely :) I live local so hopefully I can check it out sometime. I've got a bottle of st moritz I've never tried-is it any good!!


    1. St Moritz is a little bit essexy but i love a proper tan if im wearing white and couldnt resist it at £1.25

  6. wow! talk about serious score! i work for a little boutique and we sell cargo and it IS expensive!!! great find! thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment!


    1. Thanks that's made my dad, i hadn't seen the product before! xxx

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  8. Thank you so much, of course I'm following back :)

  9. lol Oh my goodness, the look alike is horrible! I hope your boyfriend's eye has since gotten better. Those are lovely products. Thanks so much for sharing :)

    1. Haha, he's ok bit of a drama queen to be honest, if you see the cargo products buy them! xxx


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