Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My All Time Favorite Oscar Dresses

With the Academy Awards this Sunday I am looking back over my top ten all time favorite Oscar dresses. 

1) Michelle Williams in VeraWang
This is just divine - when I think of Michelle I actually think more about this dress than whatever she won the Oscar for...

2) Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta
Anyone who reads my blog will know I am in love with Amy Adams style. I think this dress is very very princessy but the different textures make it just the right amount of edgy.
3) Julia Robert in Valentino 
How timeless is this dress - unbelievably Julia wore this dress to the Oscars in 2001 making it 13 years old proving a classic dress can stand the test of time.
4) Another timeless look from the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. This Givenchy dress is beyond stunning and the waistband emphasizes Hepburn's microscopic waist!

5) Forever famous at the leg split dress I'm usually not a fan of Angelina but absolutely love this Versace dress. What i LOVE about this dress is the material. Velvet is not the obvious choice for LA heat but Angelina proves pride stands a pinch in this fabulous frock...

6) How fabulous is this Balenciaga dress on Nicole Kidman's colouring. I think the neck detail and caping is such a unique design feature.

7) More RED!!! How amazing was Heidi's Dior dress. I remember seeing this on the red carpet and Klum's gorgeous dress and body were unmissable!!
8) I'm a massive fan of the textured skirt and I do realize this 2007 Oscar de la Renta dress is very very very similar to the dress that Amy Adam's wore last year but I couldnt not include it. The dusty pink on Penelope Cruz's skin is just perfect.

9) Jennifer Lawrence I LOVE you. This Dior dress is one of the most pretty things I have ever seen!! Of course this will eternally be remembered as the dress Jennifer fell over in!!

10) Last up is style goddess SJP... This Dior dress is once again going down the princess route... what i do love about this dress is the belt. I think the belting detail makes a very very very girly dress a bit more edgy.

Do you have a favorite Oscar Dress - if so please let me know as I'm always up for a bit of style porn.....

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Glossybox February 2014

So just as I was about to cancel my Glossybox they come out with this bad boy!!! This is the best one I have had in the last year so think I may be keeping the subscription going a little bit longer! Here's the breakdown!!

First of all I love the box - it's a valentines edition so is covered in kisses!!! :) I'll start off with the not so good....
Ok I'll start with the worst - this is a sparking body shimmer. This is from Nougat which is actually a brand I quite like I'm just not really sure what to do with this.

I don't really like glitter on my skin generally the only use I can really think of this is maybe it would look nice on tanned legs in the summer.

Product Size 100ml
Value £5.64
Full size avaliable at amazon here.

I'm generally more of a lipstick than a lippy girl but I suppose this isnt bad. It' a nice shimmery shade but I would really prefer to recieve a sample of a high end brand that a full sized cheapo!
Product Value £2.99

Now it get's GOOD!!!!

Yes Glossybox has done full sized before but they are often in the shitty colours that nobody wanted - I got Ciate (one of my fave brands) in a very classic red colour called "red hot chilli"

Really pleased with this as I would have gone out and purchased this item

Product Value £9.00 and available here.

Next up is another product I am very excited to try - I recently bought a Kohl liner from Primark and I have been really liking it but the staying power isn't very good so I'd been considering trying another option.

The pigmentation of this product looks really good (sorry the pics arent great only had my phone on me).

Product Value £5.99 and available here. I've also just spotted they do this product in gold so might have to pick up that bad boy!!

This isnt something I'll use but still happy to have it in the Glossy as sure I can shove it in the direction of my other half and as it retails for £7.49 in Boots happy to have another full sized sample. You can get this here

Overall a great box - did you get the same in yours?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

BAFTA Best Dressed

Amy Adams in Victoria Beckham
I imagine this dress will get a 50 50 response from the press tomorrow as I imagine some people will find it slightly dull. I however think it is stunning and the zip detail down the back really does add a different level to this dress. 

Lupita Nyong’o in Dior
Oh my gosh this is by far the best thing I saw walking down the red carpet. How divine is the gold and jade green colour against Lupita's skin. This dress screams old Hollywood glamour.. I am in love

Naomie Harris in Gucci
Bringing some seriously needed colour to the carpet was Naomie Harris in this stunning hot pink plunging Gucci number. Seriously sexy with a high leg split and teamed with killer loubs and a fab clutch.. im loving this look.

Fearne Cotton in vintage Scaasi 
I think a lot of people are going to hate this dress and I do think that a split or a bit of a plunging neckline would have made this dress sexier but I am in love with the material and I actually really like this look on Fearne - I also think her hair and makeup look divine.

Josephine de la Baume

I'm so sorry I can't find who this dress is by but I adore Mark Ronson's wife's midnight blue gothic styled dress. The clutch is fabulous and how gorgeous is her hair?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Wardrobe Room

Good Evening All!
Happy nearly Valentines Day or Happy Valentines Day depending on where in the world you are!!

Today's post is something quite a long time in the making... me and the fella moved into our house at the beginning of December and since then I've been working on turning the little room into a closet room!

Below is a small section of pictures but please let me know if anyone would like to see anything in more detail or has any questions about how I've stored things etc.

Because we've had to buy lots of none luxury furniture for our lounge, bedroom, dining room etc - everything in this room was either bought on the very cheap or given to me by friends and family so hopefully this will give you all some economy inspiration... 

though on another note my February bonus will be buying me some MUJI storage ;) xxxx

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Small Primark Haul


Today I popped into Primark to pick up some hangers and picked up a few other bits and bats.

I'm a bit fan of the beauty blenders but it seems primark have introduced their own version of this now cult product.

I have an original beauty blender (which is currently too minging to show a picture of) and also the model's own version. 

The primark one is much softer(more like a bath sponge) that the other ones but I'm keen to try out this product.

Next up I watched Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter recommend these facemasks as part of her budget beauty treats video (you can watch that here) so decided to give myself a mini-treat this evening and they're only 90p so ideal if you're skint and you need a little pick up!

I'm obsessed with statement necklaces.. so this is just another one for the collection - at £4.00 i think its a bargain :)

Finally I just restocked on some hair bits and bats - I always buy my bobbles, grips etc from Primark as I seem to go through hair grips like they're going out of fashion!!

Has anyone else picked up anything from Primark recently?

Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Favorites

This month i've been loving netural nail shades - the two i've been wearing the most are Barry M Matte Polish in Vanilla and OPI in On Taupe on the Space Needle.

You can buy Barry M here for £3.99 and OPI here for a reduced price of £6.99

I'm dying to try the Bioderma H20 Micellar solution but the price and its unavailability have put me off ordering this online - I also don't like to buy a high end product i can't try or at least see before I buy. I'm happy to buy high end skin products but usully will only buy from a counter.

This what i believe is the Garnier version of the solution and when i saw it on sale in savers I couldn't resist picking it up for just £2.99. I've been using this to take my makeup off for the past couple of weeks and am loving this product - I've noticed since swapping to this from the oily MAC remover (which i do still love after a night's out make up) my skin has felt loads fresher and softer!

You can buy the Bioderma on amazon here and the Garnier here for £4.99 but do check out Savers if you have one locally as it's on promotion at the moment. 
I have naturally wavy/frizzy hair and while I dream of beachy waves (think Kate Hudson) without a hectic hair regime i end up looking more like Monica from friends in the Barbados episodes!!

This product really suits my hair and has helped to control the frizz - it's quite a heavy product so I don't think it would suit anyone with fine hair but if you want a beachy look and have a lot of hair I definitely would recommend giving this product a try.

You can buy Matt and Messy here for £3.75, they are also on promtoion with the other studioline products for 2 for £4.50.
I love and live in my heels but my because of this my feet often require a bit of TLC - I have been loving this Nip + Fab Stiletto Fix which i believe came in a beauty box last month. I'm not sure of the science behind this product but this really stops what i like to call stiletto sting (when you've been in heels to long) it also really really nourishes your feet. This sells for £10.00 and you can buy it here.
I've talked about this before in a haul post but this has become my current go to lipstick. It's one of the MAC lustre ones which i believe are £15.00 and is in the colour syrup - as you can see I have used this lipstick loads (only had it 6 weeks and already half way down). You can buy this here.

Last of the beauty favorites is a Christmas present my boyfriend got me and it's the Agent Provocateur perfume - this is such a sexy heavy scent and it really doesn't smell like anything else out there.

I'e had loads of compliments about this every time I'm wearing it!!

Next up are a few non beauty favorites....

I AM a huge Beyonce and cannot get enough of the new album!! In my eyes the woman can do no wrong!

The best movie I saw in January was American Hustle... funny and slick with great performances. Think Amy Adams is likely to get an Oscar for this.

Finally please don't ask me how I came across this but Im obsessed with these Bob the Builder cheesy snacks - they are gorgeous and only 72 calories a bag :)

What have you been loving (or loathing) this January? xxx