Thursday, 20 February 2014

Glossybox February 2014

So just as I was about to cancel my Glossybox they come out with this bad boy!!! This is the best one I have had in the last year so think I may be keeping the subscription going a little bit longer! Here's the breakdown!!

First of all I love the box - it's a valentines edition so is covered in kisses!!! :) I'll start off with the not so good....
Ok I'll start with the worst - this is a sparking body shimmer. This is from Nougat which is actually a brand I quite like I'm just not really sure what to do with this.

I don't really like glitter on my skin generally the only use I can really think of this is maybe it would look nice on tanned legs in the summer.

Product Size 100ml
Value £5.64
Full size avaliable at amazon here.

I'm generally more of a lipstick than a lippy girl but I suppose this isnt bad. It' a nice shimmery shade but I would really prefer to recieve a sample of a high end brand that a full sized cheapo!
Product Value £2.99

Now it get's GOOD!!!!

Yes Glossybox has done full sized before but they are often in the shitty colours that nobody wanted - I got Ciate (one of my fave brands) in a very classic red colour called "red hot chilli"

Really pleased with this as I would have gone out and purchased this item

Product Value £9.00 and available here.

Next up is another product I am very excited to try - I recently bought a Kohl liner from Primark and I have been really liking it but the staying power isn't very good so I'd been considering trying another option.

The pigmentation of this product looks really good (sorry the pics arent great only had my phone on me).

Product Value £5.99 and available here. I've also just spotted they do this product in gold so might have to pick up that bad boy!!

This isnt something I'll use but still happy to have it in the Glossy as sure I can shove it in the direction of my other half and as it retails for £7.49 in Boots happy to have another full sized sample. You can get this here

Overall a great box - did you get the same in yours?


  1. I think the only product i'd be happy with would be the Ciate polish as i'm dying to try one! I cancelled my Glossybox subscription last year as I was leaving the UK but I don't think I'll restart it when i get back- Birchbox has given glossy box some stiff competition!


  2. That Ciate polish is gorgeous! Toni&Guy products are really great too! Here in the states they are pretty pricey too, so I'd say this was a pretty great deal!

  3. I cancelled my Glossybox a couple of months ago because I found myself only using one or two of the products each month, but you got some really good products this month! im tempted to resubscribe!

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on our blog! Yours is great, love the post :)
    Paloma and Jess

  5. The nail polish looks great. Looks like you hit the jack pot this time with Glossybox. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.


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