Monday, 10 September 2012

Butter Me Up!!

My Top 3 Body Butters on the High Street

I'm a bit of a body butteraholic and seem to have stacks of them cluttering up my make up box, however i do keep going back to these three products!! Though i don't have overly dry skin i find them the ideal moisturizer (along with a good body scrub!) to use for a pre fake tan session! 


Smell 8/10 
I love fruity smell of this product but it is very very sweet and possibly not to everyone's taste.
Consistency 4/10
The major problem with this product is the fact it's very runny which means you end up using loads more than you do with the more firm butters.
Price 10/10
At just £2.00 i have no complaints what so ever about the cost of the product.
Feel of my skin after using the product 5/10
My skin felt ok after using this product but I couldn't really notice the difference between using this and my normal moisturizer. 
Because of the price i would buy this product again if i was looking to save a few pounds.


Smell 4/10 
This may be a personal thing but i don't actually like the smell of this product it reminded me of my Nan's bathroom!
Consistency 6/10 
Ok, less watery than the Superdrug product but i still found i ended up using loads of it.
Price 7/10 
Pretty decent price for the size of the pot (300ml) 
Feel of my skin after using the product 7/10
My skin felt pretty lovely but i wasn't loving the smell of it!! Oh well suppose the fake tan biscuit smell was overmask it soon!
I wouldn't buy this product again for the simple reason i didn't really like the smell, i think when you're treated yourself to none essential beauty products it's nice if they feel a little luxurious and smell delightful! 

Body Shop

Smell 10/10
I ADORE the smell of this product, so much so i sometimes just get the pot out to smell it! I am officially a bit of an odd ball.
Consistency 9/10
This is by far the thickest of the body butters I've road tested today which means you have to rub it in a lot more aggressively; it has a texture almost like real butter!! This actually means you end up using loads less of the product! :)
Price 7/10
Ok so it does cost over a tenner more than the superdrug alternative but i think you're paying for quality and I cannot emphasize enough how much less of this product i use due to it's thick texture.
Feel of my skin after using the product 8/10
This product leaves your skin feeling lovely and the perfect surface for tannage!! ;)
As you may have guessed this product is by far my favorite, so much so I've actually been buying it for the last ten years. Yes it is more expensive than it's cheaper alternatives but sometimes (especially in this case) it's worth paying that little bit extra.

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  1. I love the body butter from Body Shop!

  2. I love the coconut body butter too, it smells so good!!

    Jesss xo


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