Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday Money Savers

Taste Card

One of my favorite money saving products! I got my taste card a couple of months ago and it's literally saved me hundreds of pounds. 

Basically using a taste card you will get every course of your meal on 241 or 50% of your total bill (minus drinks). It's ideal for anyone who eats out a lot. 

So down to where i can save you some money!! Company magazine are running a promotion where up until the 10th October you can receive 50% of the cost of the taste card simply by typing in COMPANY in at the promotional codes part of the check out.

Models Own
Make sure to like Models Own on facebook as they will be running a special sale for all their facebook fans.

They are also running a series of competitions giving away nail polishes while the promotion runs.

Matalan isnt a place I usually shop but after seeing this top in a fair few blogs and magazines I'm tempted to change this!! Just debated now whether i want it in this colour or black! :)

So here's the best bit! Type in ladies25 on any order over £20 at the checkout and you'll get 25% of any womenswear. Seeing as i need to get my order up to £20 i might as well have the top in both colours.

Remember guys its not really spending if you're saving! ;)
Happy Shopping




  1. Massive amounts of love for that models own nail polish!
    And thank you for your comment on my blog!! Following you now :)


    1. Its gorge isn't it, thanks for the follow, i've followed you back :) x

  2. the nail polish looks really cool!:)
    xx Kate

  3. I love my taste card! It's saved me so much money too xx


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