Sunday, 16 September 2012

Recent Ebays!!

Joblot of Bangles £1.20
Some of these bangles are horrible but definitely worth the money i paid for them, i don't have a lot of silver bracelets so will be fun to try something new. 

Studs 99p
I am going to stud something!! I havent decided what yet but i'm thinking a jumper, denim shorts or an old handbag.
Memory Foam Insoles £1.04
For my office wedges which are a little bit too big for me!
Gold and Silver Bangle £1.69
Bit of an impulse buy :) But who cares for that price!! 


  1. Ive just bought studs from ebay too, i think im gonna stud the shoulders of a jumper for the winter. Im a new follower, follow me back xx

    1. Thanks for your kind comment, your blog and style is lovely.

      I've followed you back :) xxx

  2. I love studding things and ebay have the cheapest ones:)


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