Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ten Pound Challenge??


Right i'm going to put it out there, i'm a bit (cough..cough...) huge beauty snob and will think nothing of paying a tenner or even up to thirty quid for one piece of make up. For example i'll only use MAC eyeliners at about £14.00 and hate every blusher i use except the £22.50 Benefit ones!!

So basically this is a review of some "value" beauty products all of which i have picked up today for under ten pound. I also also going to list the product i would usually use and the saving. 

Unfortunately i'm very funny about what i put on my skin so bar a cheap lipstick this review is mainly going to be about nail products :)

Product: Paton's Nail Varnish Remover
Price: 59p
Shop Bodycare
What I Would Normally Buy Sally Hansen Regular Nail Polish Remover
Cost £2.45
Saving £1.95

Right, really pleased with this! Gave it the ultimate test of getting glittery nail polish off the nails. But at the end of the day maybe nail polish remover is just nail varnish remover and it's something i was being a bit of a snob about!!!

Not going to bother listing a negative and postives list as as the end of the day it is just nail varnish remover :)

Product: Outdoor Girl Nail Polish in Purple Pastel
Price: £1.00
Shop: Poundland
What I Would Normally Buy: Models Own Lilac Dream
Cost: £5.00
Saving: £4.00

I have just run out of one of my fave Model's Own polishes so when i saw this lookalike i couldn't resist giving it a go. 

Postives - It costs a quid, actually prefer the colour, drys quickly
Negatives - Can tell the quality isnt as good as Model's Own but if you're someone who changes their nail varnish as often as they change their knickers it won't really matter. :)

Product: Technic Lipstick in Sassy
Price: £1.40
Shop: Bodycare

Ok so i don't really own a lippy in this colour as typically this would be a bit too bright for me, i'm more a subtle shades kind a girl and because i love Mac lipsticks i wouldn't want to spend in the region of £20 for something i probably won't wear. 

Positives - The packaging is nice, like the colour and it actually looks quite expensive on my lips.
Negatives - As i expected the lipstick actually dried up my lips rather than leaving them feeling moisturized like the MAC ones do. 

Overall for a quid i can't complain but please give me the right to retract this tomorrow if i have a big spot on my lip! :)

Product: Compact Mirror

Price: £1.00
Shop: Poundland

Ok so this technically isn't a product but just wanted to give it a quick mention as I did buy it as part of the cash in my ten pound challenge and i love!! It looks like something I could have picked up at a vintage or crafts fair and the best part is, it only cost a quid! :)

Product: Pretty:Perfect Nail Drying Spray
Price: £1.49
Shop: Bodycare
What I Would Normally Buy: Mava Mava Dry
Cost: £9.99
Saving: £8.50

Best money saving product of the whole haul, i spend a fortune on Mava Mava dry as i find i'm always in a massive rush to get my nails dry but I've just done a quick spray by spray test and the pretty perfect product actually dried my nails faster. 

Cannot recommend this product more highly :)

Product: Nails With Attitude Designer Nail Tattoos
Price: £1.00
Shop: Poundland

I've seen a lot of blogs about nail tattoos and have been looking for some on ebay so was super pleased when i saw these in Poundland. Really easy to use but i'm dubious to how long they will stay on.

To see the rest of my beauty bargains, come back tomorrow :) xxxx


  1. this is an interestng idea! i have lways been tempted to try things like this and the $20 makeup challenge but i just dont think it is possible!! i'm curious to see the rest of your buys tomorrow :)!



    1. Was really good fun, had a fab afternoon trying out loads of stuff! Never usually haul so much beauty produce as i'm usually paying £20 a piece for it!


  2. That little mirror is gorgeous!x

  3. i love the polishes girl! great finds :)


  4. Hehee :D This reminds me of the time when I was a single & student (not so long ago, been there in my adult years as well) and I also made a tenner (euro version) go veeerrryyy far! :D
    Really nice blog!

    xxx, Lara

  5. Wait a second- there us nail dryer spray? How have u knot heard if thus before?!?!!!
    Min two mind about budget beauty stuff. My foundation is Mac and completely with it, and I'm quite lucky about my lipomas but everythingbelse is dead cheap. £1.99 boots natural collection mascara is fantastic!!
    Thank you so much fir the comment on my blig x

    1. Oh yes it's a god send if you are forever painting your nails in a rush like I am!!

      Thanks for the top on the mascara will defo give it ago, im currently using the YSL one so anything to get costs down :)

  6. Great post, great idea. I need to start spending money more 'thriftily'!
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog
    Daniella x


    1. Thank you, i really love your blog :)

      Had about a 50 50 hit ratio with thriftiness but now feeling the urge to go out and be naughty at the MAC counter... xxx

  7. That kind of PINK on your lips is soo CHIC!! I've been on the look-out for those but haven't found the perfect shade yet!! YOURS look absolutely divine!!

    ♥, Jo
    {style + travel}

    1. Thanks your blog is lovely but made me very jealous, i love disney!! xxx

  8. i love your pink lips, so perfect colour and nice post <3
    following you now via gfc, mind to follow back? kissses :*

    1. Of course, thank you for your lovely comment! :)



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