Monday, 24 September 2012

100 Things I Want (Part One of Four...)

This list began life as an idea of what presents the fella could get me for my birthday but thought it would make for an interesting blog post and give anyone reading this a bit of an idea of the things i lust over!

As i thought a post of 100 things might be a bit too heavy this is part one to twenty five, i'll post the other 3 lists in the countdown to my birthday, which is on the 13th October and is being celebrated by a lovely trip to Budapest :)

Just to clarify he isn't buying me 100 present either!! This is just an idea list :)

1) Pug - unfortunately i am all too aware I will not be getting one of these :)

2) The Little Mermaid on DVD - My only fave missing from my Disney DVD collection and apparently it's not cool to crack out the VHS anymore

3) Anything blusher and bronzery from Benefit - Don't think you can go wrong here.

4) Any purply or orangey Mac lipstick

5) The H&M Pink Jumper in a 14-16
6) Disney Couture Jewellery

7) Shrek Musical Tickets

8) Not Afternoon Tea at the Oxo Tower

9) Any Models Own Nail Polishes

10) Any MUA Products - really want to try their pound lipsticks :)

11) Any Lush Products

12) Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph Watch

13) Any cheap Primark Knitwear for winter in a 14

14) These amazing Office Shoes in a 6
15) Anything Beauty and the Beast related from the Disney Shop

16) Studded Bracelet
17) The new pink bubbly Vaseline
18) Prosecco

19) Crap from the 99p Shop - it's a bit of a running joke with me and my boyfriend that i love tat from the 99p shop so anything from there is always appreciated :)

20) Misguided Dress in a 14

21) Charles Worthington Dream Hair hairspray - They sell this really cheap in TJ Hughes

22) Statement necklace, something like the below...

23) Some socks - I do not appear to own any :)

24) Glasto tickets!!

25) Script Tickets or just Danny from the Script...


  1. The MUA lipsticks are really good! And for £1 you can't go wrong really :) xx

    1. Not actually got any MUA products, feeling like i need to jump in the band wagon! :)

  2. i love hoola as well! new follower :)

  3. Nice wishlist, following you! I want a pug too!

  4. Purply lippy! Oh yeah! Imma buy it for meeeee!!!
    Thanks for the idea :D

    xxx Lara

  5. The MUA lipsticks are really good! Proper impressed by the quality when they're just a £1!

    Hope you have a lovely birthday :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. Thanks hun, will check out your blog now :)

  6. I want a pug too!

    1. I'm dying for one :)

      Will check out your blog now.


  7. wonderful wishlist! luv that H&M jumper and the Michael Kors watch.


  8. Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by I wanted to come check out yours too. I LOVE Benefit Hoolah & Lush too xo

  9. I have a LUSH 'pop in the bath' bubble bar review on my blog if that helps picking from lush as it's so hard to choose!

    Livvy x

  10. Mua lipsticks not worth it. Very sheer an crap pigmentation. Then again for a pound what do you expect. Lol. Xx

  11. This is a really good idea! My Husband never knows what to buy me for Birthdays & Christmas :)

    I might pinch the idea for my blog, if thats ok?

  12. awe I love pugs!! iv got a pomeranian! Cute blog!
    Sarah Payne

  13. Glasto tickets come on sale on Sunday!
    Make sure you've registered. its a £50 deposit.
    Thanks for your comment on ours, we have followed you!
    P.S Love your background


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