Monday, 24 September 2012

Tesco Haul Review (Part 1 of 2)

Good Afternoon lovelies,

As promised here is part one of my review about my tesco product haul from yesterday. I will be reviewing the make up products today and the hair products tomorrow :-)

First of all let's begin with my bargain nail polishes :)

At 39p each these were a right bloody bargain and i actually really like the packaging, think they look a lot more expensive.

Soft Lilac 

It's not very purply more of a pearly colour with a very very slight hint of purple but i do like the polish. It went on easy and gave good coverage with two coats.

Black Cherry

My fave polish all the haul, only actually had to use one coat and it went on in a lovely deep purply red shade. 

Looks like quite a high end polish as left a very glossy and rich finish.


The colour looks a lot richer in the bottle than it did on my nails - found the colour quite insipid on my hands.

It's a nice subtle colour and would be good if you wanted to put something really neutral on your nails but I like my nails to make a bit of a statement :)

Vibrant Pink

LOVE THIS!!! It's a very good fakey of Chanel's Rose Exuberant in fact :-) love a good designery looking polish.

The only thing i didn't like about this polish is it took 3 coats to get good coverage.

Scarlet Red

As a general rule i don't think a gal can own too many red polishes :) It's a classic timeless look and i personally don't think there's anything classier than a perfectly polished set of red nails.

Nice colour but nothing to shout home about - similar to about 8 polishes i already have. No qualms about quality though.


Pretty simple conclusion here, where can you go wrong with a 39p nail varnish that looks nice on your nails? You can't. If you see these it's def worth picking them up.

All About Face Lipstick in Soft Coral £1.49

I don't know about you but the one problem I seem to have with cheap lipsticks is the fact they seem to dry your lips out rather than moisturize them.  This product is no exception, which is a shame because i really like the coverage and colour and it did actually stay on for quite a long time before i needed to reapply a coat.

Overall worth the price :)

Barbara Daly Lipstick in Iced Gem £9.00

Typically with me (and I’m sure many of you) My fave product has ended up being the most expensive one. I often see the Barbara Daly range in Tesco and have been put off by the fact it’s not exactly dirt cheap and I haven’t actually heard of it before. But I will admit I am pleasantly surprised.
First off the product is extremely moisturising on the lips (almost feels like putting Vaseline on). Secondly the colour is lovely, I bought Iced Gem as I’m trying to get a few more subtle lipsticks for a more natural look for day to day wear.
The product is lovely so can defo recommend it onwards, has anyone else tried anything from the Barbara Daly range?

I will be trying out my new hair products this evening so will be back with a blog about them shortly. Also after all the great feedback on my competition i'm going to try and make my blog a little more personal by sharing one of my favorite songs everyday this week. The first is Youth by Daughter. Haunting and Beautiful, this song never gets old to me. Hope you enjoy :)


  1. Thanks for the review on the BD lipstick :) I'm gonna try one out later in the month.

  2. Oh my the gorgeous nail colors. Love the Fudge color!

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    1. Thanks so much :)

      Yep cant resist a bargain :) xxx

  3. I love those colors of the nail polishes!
    awesome post!

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  5. 39p! That's so good, I'm going to buy some :) xx

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  7. I like every color! and thanks for the lipstick reviews.
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    1. Thanks hun, checking your blog out now.

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  8. Lovely colours <3 Great post

  9. beautiful colors u bought!
    Love them!

    - True


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