Thursday, 6 September 2012

Models Own Nail Polish Review

Review of Models Own Copper Pot Nail Varnish and Black Nail Art Pen

Models Own nail varnishes are one of my personal favorite brands so when i saw them at buy one get on half price in boots i couldn't miss this little treat.

Because i am quite probably the least creative and artistically skilled person alive i had strayed away from the so-called nail varnish pens in the fear i would end up looking like a small child who is yet to learn to colour between the lines had gone crazy on my nails but i found the pen relatively easy to use.

I chose the Copper Pot nail varnish from the beetlejuice range which is designed to be multi-tonal and looks amazing in the sunshine (which has finally come out) i then drew lines onto the polish with the nail art pen which my manager commented looked like tiger print. I used the brush applicator which i personally found a lot easier to use than the pen.

I used the pen to draw little hearts on my nails which i thought looked quite cute but nowhere near as neat as the tiger print look. I also had the typical brilliant left hand slightly dodgy looking right hand age old nail varnish dilemma. 



  1. they have so many nice nail polish shades
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  2. I totally want these nail art pens!! They always seems so terrible so it's nice to know that these work well! <3


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