Sunday, 10 November 2013

Christmas Lust List

Here is a list of my fave gift ideas for Christmas 2013, I have also tried to note some bargain buys as I know it can be a very pricey time :)

My first pick is the NARS Fling lip Gift Set which retails at £30.00 and I think is exclusive to John Lewis, you can buy this here.

Ok so you might be thinking it's not so much of a bargain but I am seriously lusting after this set, its made it in to my bargain list as when you consider each NARS lipstick retails at about £18 this is quite good value really it also comes with a really cute lip shape bag which looks quite Lulu Guinessy! :)

Second of all one of my fave websites for a beauty bargain is Fragrance Direct and they have loads of stuff which are ideal for stocking fillers.

My top 5 products on fragrance direct
1) O.P.I nail varnishes which retail for an unbelievable £3.99
2) Bloggers fave Kate Rimmel lippies for just £1.99
3) I'm a big fan of the Revlon Bitten lip stains and they retail for just £1.75
4) They also have a massive selection of Revlon nail varnishes for just 99p each - I've actually seen some of the ones they sell in boots for about £6 so it's a great deal.
5) There's finally quite a big selection of the Nicola Robert's dainty doll collection which being quite fair skinned I absolutely adore.

I have been wanted to try some of the LOOK beauty range for a while but thought it was a bit overpriced for a high street beauty product but they are currently having a massive sale where everything is half price and all comes with free shipping. You can browse and buy the seletion here.
Some of my top picks are the mini makeover palettes which are now just £3.00, I also love the fat lips which are a dupe of the chubby sticks and are super moisturizing and come in fab colours.

Finally i spotted these on ebay today and think they are amazing.
These retail at an amazing £1.99 and I think they're an amazing stocking filler for anyone - I have purchased these so will do a post about the quality shortly. If you fancy getting some you can buy them here. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and it's given you some present ideas - unfortunately I appear to have purchased a fair few presents for me :)


  1. I haven't tried nars lipstick before, this looks like a great bargain. Thanks for sharing, xoxo.

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  3. cool!

  4. Love the christmas nail wraps! The nars set is pretty good value for money too.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  5. That Nars lip set looks so great - I want!

    By the way, I have an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY on my blog, I hop you will enter...

  6. The NARS lip set is definitely going to get purchased, such good value! I also love fragrance direct you can find some amazing bargains on there! x


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