Saturday, 23 November 2013

Accidental Haul... Went to get tissues and concealer...Came back with the below....

So today I popped to the shops to pick up a few bits and got slightly carried away!!! 

(Clockwise from top left corner) 
Rimmel Glam Eyes HD Quad Palette in Green Park - £1.00 - Poundland
Bit of a bargain here as I believe these were about £4.99 when they were knocking around in Superdrug - love the packaging which is the main reason why I chucked this in the basket. The quads are designed to give a full eye look so you've got different colours for the lid, crease and outer corner and a highlighter. They are all shimmery colours but overall happy for a quid.
MUA Heaven and Earth Palette £4.00 - Superdrug but on the three for two deal
I'm not going to bother going to much into this as the world and it's mother owns this palette - I picked it up as it's always sold out when i go in for it and I've wanted it for a while.
Rimmel Kohl Eye Liner Pencil in Green Shimmer £1.00 
Once again another discontinued rimmel product which I believe was replaced for the jungle green which you can buy for £3.99 here. This is lovely for a heavy evening look and I cannot wait to use this during xmas party season.
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold £4.99 but on the three for two deal
LOVE THIS PRODUCT.. I already have a couple of these but hadnt seen this colour before so super excited to wear this!


So next up are a couple of lip products!! I have had a terrible cold all this week and my lips are looking disgusting so I havent been wearing lippy on them :( I picked up 2 products to try and resolve this and another cheeky poundland bargain
(From left to right)
Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in 005 Pure £1.00 in Poundland
Another cheeky poundland bargain - got this lush reddy pink lipliner which I believe will be another discountined shade but I know these normally retail at around £3.99
Maybelline Baby Lips £2.99 in Superdrug - also on 342
Apologies but because I was dying to get something on my lips I chucked the packaging so have no idea what this shade is called - does the job - its really just a tinted lip balm.
Nivea Soft Rose £1.00 in Poundland
I got this really to see if there was any difference between these sort of products and the massively hyped Baby Lips, guess what - there isnt really! The only noticeable different is the shade on the baby lips is stronger.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer £5.99 (Superdrug also on 342)
Once again won't go to much into this as I know loads of people already own this product, I have the foundation so basically got this cause I hope it will be the perfect colour match :)
MUA Pro Base Conceal and Brighten Kit in Medium Rose £3.50 (Superdrug on 342)
Haven't opened this yet but it intrigued me... would normally go for the lighter colour but there wasn't any left! May be able to use the darker colours for contorting but will have a play tomorrow :)
MUA Pressed Powder (Shade 2) £1.00 (Superdrug on 342)
Again haven't opened this but thought i'd give it a try for a quid

(From left to right - All from Poundshop and unbelievably £1.00)
Rimmel Metal Rush in Purple Reign 
Not sure how this has made its way to the poundshop as it's still available on sale in Superdrug here for £3.99 - ooh i love a bargain :) I already have a few of these and the colour of them is fab as they're two tonal products depending on the light.
Chit Chat Gold Glitter
Disappointing - in the tube it looks like a heavy chunky glitter out of the top it's a thin bitty low coverage glitter - might be ok if you layered it up.
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Kiwi Bikini 
Really lovely colour and love the brand - top quality coverage.
Chit Chat in Rio
Was so excited about this as it looked like a perfect dupe for Models Own Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix- but in reality it's like the Gold Glitter - might try layering it up though. Let me know if you'd like to see it next to Hed Kandi.
Rimmel Metal Rush in Gold Save the Queen
Another metal rush product - this colour in divine for Xmas and might look nice with layers and layers of the shitty glitter on top :)
Please let me know what you think and if you've had any beauty bargains recently? If you would like a further review on any of these products please comment below :)



  1. I like your nail polishies, I think I will buy the last rimmel one:)

  2. Lovely post! I really need to get my hands onto those baby lips lipsticks!!

  3. Ooh, yes Superdrug does great bargains but I tend to go with Boots because of the advantage card points! haha!
    I recently bought a moisturising oil for half price at super drug! A great grab, that was!
    Lovely Post!


  4. I thought I was bad for coming back with much more than I set out to get but this has made me feel better! ;) I love the nail polish colours you chose x

    Jodie Marie
    à la Jode

  5. Great haul! =)
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!


  6. Haha, this happens to me all the time! Great post!

    xo Mel
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

  7. Olá!!!, Deus te abençoe, tenha uma ótima semana amiga post maravilhoso, amei o seu blog sucesso amiga.
    Canal de youtube:

  8. Lol I always end up buying more than planned too! Great shop!

  9. I made out with an awesome 40% off Revlon deal at my drugstore this weekend :)

  10. What a great haul - same thing always happens to me too. I always end up buying more than I planned to :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  11. Boots have a the 3 for 2 deal on their make up, and I have a £3 coupon off, so will be buying some things for some future posts. I also have a House of Fraser gift card, which I may go a little crazy with!

  12. What great nail colors :)
    xo TJ

  13. I love the baby lips lipbalm!


  14. This title of this post is so funny! (The same is always true for me, too!) I have that shade of Baby Lips and I love it. Such a pretty color!

  15. This also happens to me every time :) Great haul!

  16. I love me some MUA, it is such good value for money!! Yeh, that's why I avoid going out because I know I'm going to end up overspending, especially with food! I go out with the intention of buying some milk and come home with the entire contents of Asda!


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