Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Primark Bargain and Bin!!!

Today i called in primark and bought two products - one is fab and the other is quite frankly going in the bin!!


When in primark I'm always tempted by the little make up things at the till even though i know deep down most of the products will be quite frankly shit! So today i picked up this little nail varnish set.  And I am so pleased with the results!

So here's some pics :)



So though I do quite like the other colours the reason i bought this product was for the star gazer. It is a mock product of the Butter Dark Knight which is a polish I have been dying for but just isnt widely available in the UK.

Here is a picture from which is one of my fave nail blogs and below is the primark Star Gazer polish.

As you can see it's very very similar, I will post what the other colours look like on my nails as and when i wear them.

The best part about this nail varnish is that i've had it on for 2 days and there currently isn't a chip in it. So basically for 2 quid go out and buy these polishes. You cant even get a sarny for that nowadays!!


Second Primark product is probably the worst thing I have purchased this year.  I honestly dont have the words to describe how terrible it is and is perfect proof that all that glitters certainly isn't Gold.


Basically all this product is is bits of Early Learning Centre Glitter stuck in vaseline it's really really really horrible. So much so I didn't even want to put it on my face, anyway here are some swatches so you can see the "quality" of the product.

Without Flash
 With Flash
So once again a very mixed back from primarni, what do you all think of their make up? 




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    good luck with the comp :)

  2. love the nails and the eye shadow!!!:)

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  3. I love this post, it's so awesome and yip I can see why you decided to bin that, it looks awful!

    PS ~ Thanks so much for leaving love on my blog I appreciate it x x x

  4. Those polishes look nice!:)

  5. Thanks for posting this, I was eyeing that palette! I love the name of your blog, I can identify myself with it. Hahahah xx

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier thought I would come by and check out urs! Loving it!! Such a clever name for a blog love it!
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  7. beautiful nailpolish!

    X Jenny

  8. That Butter London polish is gorgeous :)

  9. Their Angelica (is that right!?) range of polishes are amazing, they are amound my fave polishes ever. I've never tried the other ones because they look a little watery for my liking. Such a shame about the ELC-esque palette!

    The Style Rawr!

  10. good shout on the nail varnish can see why you bined the eye shadow looks awful.

  11. OMG @ that eyeshadow LOL. :O

  12. Loving your blog, I just followed you :) purely cus of your description of the eyeshadows hahahaha ! XO

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  13. really pretty colors!

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