Thursday, 1 November 2012

Trying To Nail It!!

When i'm bored i tend to enjoy messing around with nail polish!! I recently put a swatch on top of each bottle of polish so they were easy to locate.

So basically this eve I just had a bit of a piss about with some new nail varnish ideas and then i tried a new look on my own nails. So I don't have to keep taking nails on and off I tend to play with new styles on false nails or just bits of paper. I don't have any fake nails left at the moment (waiting for an ebay delivery) so here's some of the messing about I did.

I then had my first idea at using a sponge on my own nails and I am 50% happy with the results.

Basically you paint your nails then sponge different layers of other polishes over the top.

In my case i used a black base and gold and blue over the top. Any one interested in the actual colours I used.

The black is a cheap collection 2000 one.
The gold is rimmel bling.
The blue is Models Own Balearic Cool

Here's a pic

I got the idea here.


  1. Wow they look so great!:)

  2. very cool, nice choice of colours!

  3. Love this, really creative! <3 xo

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  5. I love your organisation tac tics. I might nab that :P


  6. Fabulous Post -
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Blogger award & the Versatile Blogger award - congrats!
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  7. This is such a good creative way to store nail polish I'm going to to do that!!
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  8. wow! those are some cool nails =)

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