Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Top Ten Fave High Street Lipsticks!! (and one cheat!!)

1) Ok so it's technically not high street but I couldn't not include my all time fave lippy which is the Mac Viva Glam Gaga. This is a lovely lovely long lasting lipstick and for £14 it's defo worth it.

2) Ok so from high end to the bottom of the basket, i actually picked this Manhattan lipstick up from the 99p shop!!

The colour is Oktoberfest and is the perfect purple for this time of year, the quality of this is also surprisingly good and it stays on your lips to hours and hours.

3) The Kate Moss Rimmel Lipsticks are my ultimate high street lippy so i've included two in this list.  This colour is 02 and is a very rich bright pink colour, you have to be really careful what other make up you put on your face with this as it's such a show stopped. These are £5.49 from Boots! (on the 3 for 2 at the moment :-) )

4) Another Kate Moss lippy this time is shade number 12, this one is a reddy orange and is probably the lipstick i'm wearing the most at the moment.

It isn't anywhere near as orange on the lips as it looks as a swatch/before applied so i've included a photo of me wearing it so you can see what it looks like :)
5) Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee - this is a fab champagney coloured nude. Very glossy look but none of the rank glossy stickiness. You can read a full review on this product here. This retails for £7.99 and is once again on the 3 for 2 at Boots.

6) I am in love with this colour and it was a right bargain, picked this up in New Look for just a quid. The brand is called Colour Pop so if you see it on the till in New look, it's very very alike the Kate Moss one but obviously a fair bit cheaper.

7) Next up is this fab no7 orange shade which i once again picked up at an absolute bargain price for £1.00, lovely lovely product which leaves your lips feeling lovely :) Full review here.

8) This is my fave red red, i say red red because a lot of the red's i own are reddy pink or reddy orange. This is a rimmel moisture renew lipstick in Berry Queen. I wear this lipstick a lot and it retails for about a fiver.

9) This is the cheapest lippy i own and was 45p in the half price sale at the 99p shop (who knew a 99p shop had a sale. This is a very very deep red shade that I'm sure i'll wear a lot more in the winter. I'd never actually purchased a lippy from NYC before but am actually very impressed with the coverage and quality of this product.

10) Last up is my go to every day barely there lippy, this is a Barbara Daly lippy from Tesco and is a pinky colour but is very very subtle. This cost about £6.00.

Thanks for reading, what are you're fave high street lippys?




  1. So many gorgeous colors!I love all of the reds!
    Beauty by T

  2. Lovely colours, I really need to try the Mac one!

    Vanessa x

  3. I love the Creme Brulee lip butters!
    Great post!

  4. Incredible! I love all of these.
    I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  5. gorg color choices! xx

  6. I have the lip butter in brown sugar.
    It is a very nice produc

  7. i am in desperate need of some new lipppy x

  8. Oh i will give the MAC lipstick ago.


  9. Great post I'll check out the brands because they look good :)

    Have a Fantastic Friday !!



  10. OOOh need to give these a go ♥

  11. These are really good ones!! Just wish i could find them in my state!!

  12. Hi,
    Just discovered your blog, after search Kate Moss Rimmel on Google and I really like it. Good mix of different posts. Really enjoyable!
    Thanks for providing something great to read and learn from. :)

  13. Great post, so handy to know about cheap high street make up thats good quality too!

    Now following you, check out my blog xx


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