Monday, 22 October 2012

Mua Nail Constellation - Pisces

Mua Nail Constellation - Pisces Review
Rating 2/10

Right let me start off by saying i was so excited to try this product!!! At just £3.00 who could resist trying the high street's first attempt at nail caviar. However after using it I'm left feeling a bit meh about the product.

First problem is i lost the little instruction booket (totally my own fault) but had no idea how to put this on. I thought the nail caviar would work like a glitter polish but in fact it's loose particles.

To apply the product you paint your nail and then shake the substance over the top and hope it sticks.

This is where the first problem occurs :(

The beads do not come down the tube!!! I shook and shook and only got a light sparkling of product on my nails so had to take the entire lid of the product and pour a large amount of the product over my nail.

So here is what it looks like....

Overall i'm not massively impressed with the product - maybe it's me but I just couldnt make it look neat! I also just don't think it's going to stay on for very long despite covering it with clear nail varnish. I think maybe it's just time to fork out for the Ciate Nail caviar.

I'm a bit meh with the whole MUA range. being a bit of a beauty snob but also loving a bargain I keep buying bits and bats from it but find myself ending up with their high end alternative a few weeks later. 


  1. I've been dying to try this out too! But that's quite sad how it's not too easy to use! It does still look cool in the picture though! I'd have a feeling I'd just get too messy and all over the place though! I may still try it, not too sure!! xxx

    1. Suppose they're only 3 quid but to be honest i don't think it's worth it :( xxx

  2. Hiya,

    Me too, i tried it last night and was very disappointed with the results, not good and keeps falling of, check my post today so see the state of my nails now!

    I cant wait to get home and re-do them.


    1. They have now all fallen off my nails :( xxx

  3. they remind me of hundreds and thousands!
    i got told that they go on better if you dip your finger in them instead of sprinkling them on,but ive never tryed them so i dont know.they do look cool in the pic tho :)
    maybee you could look at my blog


    1. Thanks for the tip :)

      Course i'll check it out now xxx

  4. I think they still look good, heard the Ciate one is amazing though! x

  5. Hey girl ! Just found your blog - so cute!

    I love this color, it looks amazing on you!

    xoxo Heather

  6. i love caviar...
    it never falls off on me...


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