Thursday, 11 October 2012

Urban Decay Mariposa Palette

Picked up this bad boy in TK Maxx for just £12.99 today which is ironically less than what i paid for one inika eyeshadow :)

This used to retail for about £28-00 so i am pretty pleased with this purchase, also the majority of the colours are incredibly wearable :)

First of all i'm loving the fact it's in a metal case - i'm now on my 2nd Mua undressed palette because one cracked in my bag. My only complaint about the packaging is the fact there isnt a mirror.

The palette also comes with a really nice eye shadow brush which i'm extremely happy with too :)

Rockstar - Nice deep purple shade - great for an evening smokey eye look :)
Gunmetal - Will probably blend with Rockstar to add to a smokey eyes effect.
Skimp - Ideal everyday eyeshadow or wet and wear with heavy black eyeliner for an evening look.
Infamous - I love this colour but would never have the balls to wear it, every time i've tried a bright pink/purply shade i've ended up looking like someone has punched me.
Wreckage - I imagine this will be the shade i used up first - beautiful for everyday.
Haight - Again this shade is probably a bit too out there for me - might use a bit in the corner or under my eye for an evening look.
Money - The colour of money? Much more subtle and wearable green tone.
Mushroom - A great evening eyeshadow, would wear with liquid eyeliner and red lips for a glam look.
Spotlight - My fave in the palette will mix with Limelight for a glamorous evening party eye!

Overall i'm loving the quality of these eyeshadows and costing under less than 2 quid per colour i'm loving this bargain :)


  1. Omg what a bargain for ud! I paid 36 for the naked 2!:)

  2. omg what a bargain! Im soooo jealous, Ive always wanted this palette!

  3. I have been thinking about picking this palette up....

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