Monday, 1 October 2012

A weekend in Manchester!

Good Morning Lovelies,

First of all a massive apology for the lack of blogging this weekend; I have been in Manchester for a friend's birthday and literally haven't stopped! 

I did get a chance to wear my gorgeous new green fishtail dress though and found the dog of my dreams. So here are a few picture of what i got up to.

Me and Libby

Dress - Republic Shoes - Aldo Belt - H&M
The garland was part of the theme not outfit!
I also have a bit of a cheeky recommendation for you all! :) I have a few Mac make up brushes but am always finding i can never find one when i need one so decided to get a cheapo set off ebay until i can get a new full set of good ones. Obviously they are not Mac quality but they are absolutely fine as a stop gap until i get some good ones. You can buy them here for just £2.68!!!!

Thanks for reading




  1. Lovely pics once again :). Your dress is gorge. And Libby <3.
    Btw, I buy loads of stuff from ebay, but I gotta say I but make up brushes tooo seldom. I usually use the ones that come as freebies with make up purchase O.o

    xxx Lara

    1. Thanks hun :) Hope you had a good weekend xxx

  2. looks like you had a fun time! :)
    im now following!


  3. Thank you for this! I need to get an eyebrow and foundation brush but my money keeps on getting spent elsewhere. This will be perfect for now. Lizz xxx


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