Monday, 1 October 2012

Mini Haul and Last Chance to Enter

First of all i'm supposed to not be shopping until after my birthday but couldn't resist a few naughty purchases today :S!!

The scarf that everything is laying on (faux Mcqueen) was just a quid from primark reduced from 4 and the little hanger thing is for my necklaces and was £2.00.
Manhattan Lipstick 99p Mua Lipstick £1 Lip Boom £3 Lipliner £1
Lip Products

Picked up a few cheapo lip colours. Got the purple lippy from the 99p shop and  the other three products are from Mua, going to review these products in full tomorrow :) These are my first products from the Mua range. 

Mua Undressed Palette

After seeing everyone bang on about this I couldn't resist picking it up, i'm going to use it tomorrow so will let you all know what i think :)

Gel Eyeliner

This is another purchase from the 99p shop - i've had a MAC gel eyeliner before and really liked it so always like to try out copy products to see if i can find a beauty bargain :)

Pink Bubbly Vaseline 

I can't resist a gimicky product so also picked up this champagne flavoured Vaseline  actually love this :)

Primark Shirt £12 reduced to £5

Also picked up this cute primarni shirt, at a fiver can't go far wrong!

Finally as you may or may not know my giveaway ends tonight at midnight so I will be announcing a winner tomorrow, thanks so much to everyone who has entered and i will also be giving away this extra item as a surprise/special thank you.


  1. Love that bangle <3
    Btw. I hope that Pink Bubbly Vaseline can be bought from here at some point! ATM I think that the Rose Vaseline is the best lip blam that exists!

    xxx Lara

  2. Looooove that blouse ! Amazing deal too ! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, of course I want to follow each other, I now do via GFC, hope you will too !
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  3. Yaay for hauls, just went shopping a 2 days ago, you're making me want more :(
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, i'm following now :D <3

  4. I love the scarf :) gorgeous colours

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Great product reviews! I am now a follower!

  6. love the undressed palette!

  7. I hate seeing MUA makeups in hauls and reviews because you can't get them in Finland! AT least I don't know where :D I have to keep looking for an online shop for them so I could get them here.

    I really like your blog and just became a follower :) I hope you could check out my blog too and follow me back :)

    -Marjo /


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