Saturday, 9 May 2015

Top Tips for Summer Weddings

With Wedding Season fast approaching I have pulled together some of my top tips for shopping for the perfect Wedding Guest outfits.

1) Shop the Sales

I would never buy a dress for a wedding at full price. As formal wear is often timeless scour the sales and pick up a beauty at a fraction of the cost. Below are a few example of some of my favourite bargains on the market at the moment.

1) ASOS - £42 reduced to £12.50
2) Coast - £69 to £55 
 3) ASOS £45 to £13

2) Don't Get Hat Hair!
If you're going to a wedding in the height of summer a massive hat may not be the best idea - there's nothing worse than rocking up at reception with sweaty hat hair. If you are wanting to wear a head piece in the summer I think a fascinator can look super stylish and keep your head cool. Below are a couple of non-hat hair ideas!
1) Debenhams - £32
2) Crown and Glory - £26.99
3) ASOS - £28
3) Make Sure You Can Dance the Night Away
One of the mistakes I'm sure we've all made at weddings is wearing shoes that kill our feet and being *that* girl in the middle of the dance floor with no shoes on! Nowadays I always ensure that I'm wearing something on my feet that I'm comfortable in! I usually go for a wedge that I've tried and tested. No shoes and weddings are a no go for me.  I'm personally loving New Look's new range of comfort fit heels which come in a range of different styles and heel heights.
New Look £24.99
4) Take a Big Bag!
When I say big obviously I don't mean a massive Mary Poppins style bag but remember a wedding isn't a night out and if you're a day guest you can end up being there for over 12 hours! I always make sure I have a large selection of make-up (for top ups), a hairbrush, hair grips, tissues, breath spray, perfume and deodorant which just don't fit in a tiny ornamental clutch. This doesn't however mean your bag has to be ugly - I've selected some big and beautiful wedding appropriate bags below.
1) New Look - £19.99
2) ASOS - £35.00
3) Karl Lagerfield - £135.00 
5) PRIME!!!!
One of the most important thing's when at a wedding is to think about your make up and the most vital factor in my mind is to hold it all together with a top notch primer. My favourite is by Laura Mercier and costs £29.00. Other than a good primer I'd recommend sticking with your usual make-up that your confident wearing and take along a make-up with you for top-ups throughout the day.




  1. I definitely agree with shopping the sales - you can find so many great deals! I've also heard alot of good reviews about the Laura Mercier Primer so want to look into this further :)


  2. I agree with the hat hair, there is nothing worse than getting hat hair especially when your at a wedding! Fascinators are a great idea hun x x

    Jess x

  3. I definitely agree with the big bag one - such great tips!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. Great post, I totally agree to the hair point :D

  5. Great tips, I feel like I haven't been to a wedding in ages!

    Cadaea |

  6. great blog :)

  7. These are fab tips! The last wedding I went to, I took a big bag to put some extra shoes in! xo

  8. I rarely pay full price for formalwear too! I think ASOS do some fab bargains x

    Josie’s Journal


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