Sunday, 9 March 2014

NARS blush, Adult Content highlight and bronzing palette

So the final item I order before I put myself on a spending ban arrived yesterday and my lord is it a beauty!! I ordered this from a website called Urban Retreat (as it was sold out in Selfridges!) but I'm very very impressed with this website.

It came really really quickly - the packaging was amazing so I would definitely recommend trying it out.

You can buy this product here for £30.00 but they have loads of lovely stuff so have a browse!!! 

Now for some pics!!

What I Like

  • Not the normal NARS blush palette shades - I love Laguna and Orgasm but I imagine most beauty blogger already own these products
  • Zen is a gorgeous matte bronzer and is AMAZING for contouring -so much so I am even thinking of purchasing the big one.
  • Miss Liberty is a lovely subtle highlight and while it is obviously shimmery it doesn't have too much glitter in it.
  • I've never owned Deep Throat and now I am in love - this is the perfect day look blush - it reminds me a little bit of benefit coralista but is darker and I think it blends better.
What I don't like
  • This comment should really be in the middle as it's not that I dont like it but I am a bit scared about how pigmented and bright desire is - I think it's defo only night out friendly.
  • The size of the palette - guys this palette is tiny and while I think Deep Throat is almost a full sized blush the rest of them are diddy!!

Has anyone else got this?

What's your fave NARS product? xxx


  1. Ah that looks so gorgeous! Love the look of the palette. I've never tried NARS before but this definitely has to be the first thing I purchase! xx

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  2. Desire one is pretty cute! xx

  3. I need to put myself on a spending ban!!

    I love how you wrote what you didn't like separately xx


  4. This is such a stunning palette.. I love the look of Zen, what a gorgeous shade xx

    Gemma //

  5. Love Nars blushers! x


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