Saturday, 27 September 2014

BRAND FOCUS: Bourjois My Top 3

Bourjois has for years been one of my favourite drug store brands. 

I remember our first meeting over 10 years ago in a French supermarket where I picked up one of those "wonderful" white and black double ended mascaras, which may I add despite being the clumpiest kid on the block were massively ahead of their time and not dissimilar from the new Urban Decay mascaras, 

So when it came to narrowing down the 3 products I love the most from this brand 2 were completely obvious to me, the third is a new launch and I'm still feeling quietly guilty that I'm not mentioned a blusher which has been in my mak-eup collection for years!

This blogger's favourite is my ultimate day time drug store foundation. I tried the normal healthy mix foundation and really liked it but find this one is a little more natural looking and leaves my skin feeling a lot healthier at the end of the day. I also find the serum based foundation stays on a little bit longer as the formula is designed for long-wear. *up to 16 hours*

This is a product I'm pretty sure almost every beauty blogger will have at least one shade of in their collection. I personally much prefer a Matt bronzer to a shimmery one and find that shade 52 (Peaux Mates / haleees) is the best colour for my skin tone. 

Last up is the product that bullied out the blush and is my newest Bourjois purchase. If you like single fluttery almost spider leg like eyelashes this is the product for you. I actually received this as part of the Glamour Beauty Box but will definitely be repurchasing. 

What are your top recommendations from this brand?


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