Tuesday, 27 May 2014

May Favourites

Lots and Lots of Budget beauty buys this month!! I have been loving a lot of drugstore products this month so thought I would share them all with you. There is one MAC cheat though!! :)

Revlon Colorstay in Natural Beige £9.49
This has become my go to going out foundation and the shade is perfect for my skin tone (or it was until I got a holiday tan!). 
Definitely a medium to high coverage product this is great for a night out or for anyone who isn't confident with their skin.

Revlon Matte Balm in Showy £7.99
I have quite a few of these and think they are one of the best lip products about. Showy is a beautiful cool toned bright pink with blue undertones, I have been loving this. I also love the minty taste of the balms and their staying power.

Mac Brow Set in Beguille £13.50
This is a product that when I first purchased I didn't really like - however when I ran out of clear mascara last month I gave this another go. When spending a bit more time applying it I've actually really enjoyed using this product. It's a really good colour for blondes too as I know the beauty industry doesn't always cater for our brows!!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush (part of a set retails at £29.99 but got on offer at £14.99)
I've picked up a fair few of the real techniques brushes over the last few years and have been very impressed by their quality so when Feel Unique had a promotion for 6 brushes for £15.00 I couldn't refuse!
This brush is for putting on foundation and is just perfect! I've also been using this brush to contour as it's great for loading on loads of product.

Rimmel Scandalous Eyes Waterproof Kohl in Nude £3.99
I know some people are going to hate me for this comment but generally I'm not a fan of Rimmel products (other than the lipsticks) which is why I had avoided buying this product despite hundreds of bloggers raving about it. How wrong was I? This is without doubt the best nude eye-liner I've EVER owned and has now made it into my everyday makeup regime.

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Cleansing and Toning Lotion £3.59
I'll hold my hands up and admit I am someone who spends way too much on skincare so when someone at work recommended this cleanser to me I was dubious about how good something which cost less than 4 quid could actually be. However my skin and this cleanser have got on really well - this is actually my second bottle of the stuff. I find the smell very energizing in the morning and touch wood I have been spot free since using this.

Sure Aloe Vera £3.19
I know arm pits and sweating aren't something us beauty bloggers like to talk about but I have really been liking this deodorant this month. I sometimes get very dry skin under my arms and have been impressed with how nourishing this product has been.

Sleek Blush in Life's A Peach £4.49
This peachy blusher in the most perfect colour for spring - you have to be careful with the application though to avoid looking like you've been tangoed!!!

What products have you been loving this month?




  1. I like your blog!
    would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know where I continue to follow you I also
    I hope you!


  2. Amazing picks!! I am also loving the Real Techniques brushes at the moment and use the buffer brush the most its incredible!! xxx


  3. How can you not like rimmel products :o haha! The liner is amazing & the buffing brush sounds lovley, need to try it as I loved the expert fact brush! x

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  4. Huh a lot of people like that foundation.
    I might give it a go then.
    Thank you for the review - it was quite helpful. :)

    Love from Canada

  5. Hi beautiful,
    I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog - It looks gorgeous and it has interesting posts that I can relate to. I'm now following you via gfc, keep in touch love x

    Benish | Feminist Reflections


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